Freitag, 14. Mai 2010


"...that everyone, without distinction and for ever, be permitted to live and work, and eat and sleep without fear, and because this is the conditio sine qua non for them, also have the right stubbornly to demand that the difficulties of conducting peace shall find no thoughtless partial solutions, no emphatic and sentimental ones, no solutions that are dangerous in the long term and cobbled together in the short term."

(Ingeborg Bachmann, diary 1964, translated by Michael Lyons and Patrick Drysdale)

I highly recommend her work.

Repeatedly impressed, repeatedly in love.


„Der Käfer riecht die Herrlichste von weit; / hätt ich nur seinen Sinn, ich fühlte auch, / daß Flügel unter ihrem Panzer schimmern, / und nähm den Weg zum fernen Erdbeerstrauch.“
(aus, "Erklaer mir, Liebe")

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